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Dairy Technology ICAR eCourse PDF Books

B.Tech (Dairy Technology)

The course ware material is prepared as per ICAR approved syllabus for the benefit of under-graduate students already enrolled in Indian Agricultural Universities.

List Of ICAR eCourse For Dairy Technology

SN Books Authors Pages Link
1. By-Products Technology Vijay Kumar 234 Download
2. Biochemistry & Human Nutrition Rajeev Kapila


Coming Soon
3. Cheese Technology S. K. Kanawjia & Yogesh Khetra 129 Download
4. Chemical Quality Assurance Vivek Sharma, Darshan  Lal, K.D. Apamathi  167 Download
5. Dairy Engineering S. Ravi Kumar 136 Download
6. Dairy Plant Design & Layout Sunil M. Patel , A.G. Bhadania 139 Download
7. Fat Rich Dairy Products Technology Kotilinga Reddy, Yogesh Khetra, M.H. Sathish Kumar 214 Download
8. Food and Industrial Microbiology Suja Senan, R. K. Malik, Shilpa Vij 196 Download
9. Food Engineering Sunil M. Patel 198 Download
10. Food Technology-I A. K. Singh, P. N. Raju,

A. Jana

296 Download
11. Ice Cream And Frozen Dessert A.Jana, Suneeta Pinto, P.R.S. Moorthy 145 Download
12. Information Technology in Dairy Industry A. P. Ruhil, R. R. B. Singh


Coming Soon
13. Market Milk Latha Sabikhi, Y. Kotilinga Reddy 184 Download
14. Principles of Dairy Machine Design S. Ravi Kumar Coming Soon
15. Traditional Dairy Products


M. Ranganadham, Sathish Kumar M. H., Devraja H. C., F. C. Garg 105 Download


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