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Industrial Statistics ICAR ecourse PDF Book Free Download

Book Detail: Industrial Statistics Language: English Pages: 236 Author: D. K. Jain & R. Malhotra Price: Free           Course outline: Industrial Statistics Module 1: Descriptive Statistics Lesson 1. Definition and Scope of Statistics Lesson 2. Classification of Data and Frequency Distribution Lesson 3. Measures of Central Tendency Lesson 4. Measures

Introductory Dairy Microbiology PDF Book

Book Detail: Introductory Dairy Microbiology Language: English Pages: 166 Author: I. Sankara Reddy, A. K. Puniya Price: Free   How to Download PDF Book     Course Outlines: Introductory Dairy Microbiology Module 1. Hygienic milk Lesson 1. Introduction and Significance of dairy microbiology Lesson 2. Sources of contamination