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Breeding of Fruit and Plantation Crops – ICAR E-Course PDF Book free Download

Book Detail: Breeding of Fruit and Plantation Crops Language: English Pages: 345 Author: Dr. J. Auxcilia, Dr. N. Shabha Price: Free Fundamental of Horticulture PDF Book Free Download       Theory History and development, importance of fruit breeding Centers of diversity distribution and domestication of

Horti-Business Management – ICAR E-Course PDF Book Free Download

Book Detail: Horti-Business Management Language: English  Pages: 219 Author: S.D.Siva Kumar, Ramesha Y.S. Price: Free Buy MCQs in Horticulture     Theory Farm management - definition, nature, characteristics and scope Farm management principles and decision making Production function, technical relationships Cost concepts, curves and functions Factor - product,

Introduction to Major Field Crops – ICAR eCourse PDF book Free Download

Book Detail: Introduction to Major Field Crops Language: English Pages: 217 Author: G. Janardhan, P. Velayatham Price: Free How to download PDF Book       Outlines: Introduction to Major Field Crops  1 Classification and distribution of field crops 2 Definitions and concept of multiple cropping, mixed cropping,

Farm Power and Machinery (Horticultural) – ICAR eCourse PDF Book Free Download

Book Detail: Farm Power and Machinery (Horticultural)  Language: English Pages: 154 Author: S. R. Desai, S. S. Sivakumar Price: Free How to Download PDF Book {Full Guide}         Outlines of Farm power And Machinery 1 Energy for Agriculture 2 Combustion Engines 3 Four stroke and two stroke engine 4 Spark

Environmental Science – ICAR eCourse PDF Book Free Download

Book Detail: Environmental Science Language: English Pages: 319 Author: Dr. M. PRASANTHRAJAN Price: Free How to Download PDF Books [Full Guide]       Outlines for Environmental Science Introduction, definition, scope and importance of environmental studies. Environment - definition and importance Components of environment – structure

Fundamentals of Horticulture – ICAR eCourse PDF Book Free Download

Book Detail: Fundamentals of Horticulture Language: English Pages: 88 Author: Dr. G. S. K. Swamy, Dr. J. Auxcilia Price: Free           How to Download PDF Book (Full Guide) Outlines of Fundamentals of Horticulture Lecture No.1 Introduction Lecture No.2 Horticultural crops and Human Nutrition Lecture No.3 Climatic Requirement Lecture No.4 Horticultural Zones